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As a real estate broker, you may be acutely aware that your office has listings that need foot traffic. Serendipitously, you also have agents that need to learn the “ropes” of showing properties. So you do the natural thing of allowing your agents to host open houses for the various listings of the firm. 

How well are you able to track the ins and outs of those open houses? Can you only presume that the open houses “work in mysterious ways”? Then I encourage you to keep reading to learn about Spacio, a newcomer to the real estate app world that I take under the Sells-Scope (this is my unbiased, unpaid impression).

Our sales agents that are independent contractors may:
  • Forget to follow up this week with open house visitors from several days/weeks/months ago 
  • Misplace the open house sign-in sheet in the seeming abyss of their trunk 
  • Accidentally use the visitor log as a drawing sheet for a rambunctious child at the open house 
  • The list goes on as far as the mind can imagine!

Spacio, which is an IOS app and web app, available on all browsers, all devices, mobile, tablet, and desktop, takes a powerful blow at this problem.  I see Spacio as akin to Open Home Pro for managing brokers and team leaders.  Spacio moves from the individual platform offered by Open Home Pro and makes real-time tracking of all of a team or realty firm’s open house foot traffic and leads accessible its managers.

Can Spacio help your office, team and agents work smarter to nurture open house leads or will you ultimately have to work harder?  See the breakdown below of my February 2016 review of Spacio and you be the judge:

Under the Sells-Scope: Spacio
Things That Help You Work Smarter
Things that May Cause You to Work Harder
*Real-time reporting that includes:

  • Seeing at-a-glance which listings experience the most foot-traffic,
  •  How many open houses were held, 
  • Which agents did and did not host open houses, 
  • How many agent hours were spent at open houses, 
  • The number of leads and lead quality (how many left contact info, who was unrepresented, who has financing prepared) 
  • Sorting options displaying the number of listings, agents and locations your firm

*Firm branding on visitor sign-in screen

*Unlimited agent reporting per office
*Reports did not maintain firm branding (I would love to not have to "jimmy" my logo onto the report)

*Reports should track emails sent, open, response and unsubscribe rate so that you do not have to rely on outside email marketing tools (I would love to eliminate multiple email systems!)
*Works offline in the iPad app if your internet connection is spotty at the open house

*Automated, customizable follow-up email with the listing details

*Up to 6 custom or stock questions (such as Are You Working with an Agent?) to help you locate leads

*Pre-register visitors with a custom link for your marketing materials

*Message registrants with custom emails before, during and after the open house

*Auto-populate MLS data, reducing or eliminating data entry, in locations where the MLS permits this data sharing

*Download data to a CSV file, which may easily upload to your CRM of choice

*Auto-sync lead information to BoomTown, Contactually, Market Snapshot, and Top Producer

*Easy to understand reporting dashboard to see at a glance which visitors are leads (without agents), where they are in the financing phase, and which listings generated the most traffic on particular days

*PDF report available for keeping sellers in the loop

*Showcase your testimonials on the visitor sign-in screen to help convert non-represented open house visitors to clients
**No email validation so someone could put MickeyMouse@Nowhere.com without any objection (would love to see the same validation feature that MailChimp and others use!)

*Your MLS may not have a relationship yet with Spacio so you will have data entry to do

*Does not yet sync with Zapier or other automation apps so that contact details can be imported automatically to other contact managers (I would love to be able to make some Zaps for this!)

*You may use a different CRM and will need to configure and manually upload the CSV file after each open house

*No Android app yet

*The seller PDF reports do not include the company branding and is not automatically sent to sellers (I would love to see this!)

*Visually stunning and clean design branded to your firm

*Private email sign-up option where visitors may be assigned a Spacio email for privacy; this may relax the fear of giving a perceived sales “predator” one’s direct email address while maintaining a way of communication

*Simplified Chinese translations available for each field on the sign-in screen

*See agent testimonials to help them feel safer in giving their contact info
*No additional language support (I would love to see Spanish and other popular languages)

As you can see, Spacio can easily help teams and firms work smarter. And since Spacio is still in its first year of development, I anticipate many of my wishlist items will be addressed so check the app often to see the "latest and greatest" as it further develops.

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