9 Simple Slides to Hiring a Social Media Marketer for Real Estate Agents

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Do you have a difficult time consistently marketing your real estate business on social media?  

Whether you are busy managing the day-to-day details of your clients and closings or just feel that social media is not your thang, then it may be time for you to hire a social media marketer.

I can hear your lips smacking because I know you may have tried that and paid good money for someone that did no better than you.  That is frustrating!  However, I wonder if you tried these steps before hiring the last guy, gal, or group?  If you did not, then give it another try but make sure you add these tips to your social media marketer selection process.  

  Click the play arrow below to start the slideshow.  And, be sure to enlarge the show by tapping the double-sided arrow in the bottom right-hand corner if needed.

I hope that was helpful for you.  By the way, I personally love crowdsourcing sites (like Fiverr and UpWork) to find social media marketers (using these steps of course!) since this is not a job position that needs to be local.  You can have a wider pool of job candidates and save money with crowdsourcing IF you vet new hires properly.

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