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Are you a fan of Canva, the easy-to-use, affordable website that allows you to author amazing listing marketing materials in minutes?  I sure am! I was elated to hear that they have recently released a 2.0 version for busy professionals called, Canva for Work.

Canva for Work now offers options to upload your brand's personal specs (such as logo, colors, type font, and the like).  This is a wonderful time-saver if you work with others and you want to make sure all team players nail design pieces that speak to your image and reputation.  

Canva for Work also offers the ability to let the agents and assistants a part of your team or firm log in with separate usernames, protecting your creations that should not have community access.  Sidebar (I allude to this in the video): Brokers, you can offer Canva for Work to your agents as a complimentary service of your real estate office.  This complimentary offer will help your team market their listings and create social media posts while producing quality pieces that fit your realty firm's brand and level of excellence.  Your agents can save potentially hundreds of dollars a month if they were using outside designers and printers, while you pay only a fraction of that cost.  Additionally, if you have a large realty firm, you may not have been able to realistically monitor all of the social media posts of your agents but Canva for Work makes monitoring along with brand consistency a doable reality.

Despite these and other new features, is Canva for Work actually right for your business and worth the investment or can you simply stick with the original version of Canva?  It depends.  To answer this question more in-depth, I placed Canva for Work Under the Sells-scope so check out the full review in the video below:

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