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Originally written for and published by Inman News.

AM Open House is a new app worth your time to try as a busy real estate professional!

If you missed Inman Connect earlier this month, you may have missed out on this jewel.  Well, do not sweat it because I am taking AM Open House Under the Sells-scope. Let's examine if AM Open House will help you get to and keep your Agent+ status.

Here are reasons why you will like AM Open House even if you are an Open Home Pro fan like I am:
  • +Easily collect contact details from open house visitors as well as other events you may have (i.e. home buying seminar, etc.),
  • +Seamless integrations with popular CRMs so you do not have to waste time syncing data between apps (plus they monthly add new CRMs to the list), 
  • +Automated follow-up and price changes via email and text for attendees that helps improve your chances of lead conversion, 
  • +Analytic reports that track email engagement so you see attendees level of interest and know who to contact immediately,
  • +Managing most functions from either the app or your laptop/desktop, allowing you to work on the device you feel most comfortable,
  • +Automatic single property websites that you can use in your promotional emails, Facebook ads, and the like (*this is my favorite feature!), 
  • +Easily connects visitors/leads with your preferred lenders (with tips to not get on the CFPB's bad side as the regulatory changes take effect October 1),
  • +And did I mention all of this is free for the solo agent - yippee!
  • +Realty brokerages can get a customized/branded app and track the scheduled events of their agents - a good safety precaution and feature.

I also have some tweaks I would love for them to make in the near feature that are mentioned in the video.  Check it out by clicking the play button below!

Coming soon, Canva for Work will be put Under the Sells-scope.  You know and love Canva for basic real estate marketing, especially when posting on social media but I will investigate if there is truly added value for real estate agents to invest in Canva's added services.

Follow me on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google+ to keep up with all the gadgets and gizmos that will get an unbiased review Under the Sells-scope to help you filter through the real estate tech that will get you to and keep you at Agent+ status.  Happy selling!
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