Timehop: An App that Helps to Automate Repeat Business

I know we all hate those moments when we forget a client's home anniversary or some other special day. Well the app Timehop can help you stay in touch better.  Timehop AUTOMATICALLY alerts you to events, text messages, emails, and photos that are good throwbacks and connecting points to build relationships.

For instance, say you meet Sally at a networking event at which you did a Facebook check-in.  Timehop will send you a reminder of the event in case you have not reached out to her in the year since that event.  I know we all get busy and a year can go by quickly so this is real!

As another example, imagine you have re-connected over lunch with an old classmate, Brian. Brian told you that he wanted to sell his home once things at his job settled down so that he can venture into greener pastures.  Timehop will remind you of the usie you took at lunch with Brian last year, making this a good reminder and time for you to reach out to him.

These are just two examples but there are numerous ways this app can help you stay connected to those whom you have meet either briefly or known for a lifetime.  Check out this quick tech play (it is only 15 seconds) discussing Timehop:

With Timehop you really never have to miss a client's special day again!  This is extremely critical to winning repeat business and referrals.

It is no mystery that one key to real estate success is:
 Better Relationships = More Repeat Business & Referrals 

Timehop gets you to automatically remember special times that make it easy for you to re-connect.  As a result, you are able to build stronger relationships, which is a vital step in getting you and them to the closing table.

You may have noticed that I love keeping up with how everyday apps and technology can win you more real estate business :).

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