Short Sales Are Not Completely Extinct! 6 Funky FAQs...

We live in a changing marketplace. The new normal oftentimes reflects a housing market that includes buyers who may have lost or sold their homes due to difficult and precarious circumstances, sellers that may currently be in financial distress, along with sellers and buyers on the opposite side of the table that do not understand either.

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As a valued and trusted real estate professional, you can ease fears, proactively provide relevant information and make the home buying or selling process a smooth feat that all sides can triumphantly finalize. To help you competently navigate your clients through a short sale, here are answers to 6 not easily Googled but frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are important for you to understand when representing either party involved in a short sale.

Why?  Because short sales are not completely extinct! Check out these 6 funky FAQs I wrote for the RESAAS Academy by CLICKING HERE to download the guide.

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