Are You a Real Estate Misfit?

What to Do When Top-Producer Tina's Lead-Gen Techniques Aren't Working for You

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As a solo agent, are you on a hunt to increase your leads? If you affirmed, “yes”, you may be new to real estate sales or a veteran interested in reinventing your lead generation (lead-gen) strategy to keep your sales pipeline full. You are excited to hear how this year’s top sales award winners are leading the pack. From one sales leader, you are advised to use Instagram and advertise on Facebook. You try the exact steps given but do not see the same results. From another, you are encouraged to go back to sending postcards and having open houses. Your results after several months are still less than noteworthy. Others propose additional methods that have been “tried and true” for them, but you still do not see the same level of closings.

 What is going wrong? Are you just not cut out to sell real estate in today’s marketplace?

Answer: You probably are not using lead-gen tactics that complement your natural behavioral tendencies and personality. In other words, your lead-gen activities are personally awkward for you and it shows in your sales (or lack thereof). As a result, you are a misfit in real estate but there is help available.

Of course, there can be issues if you do not give the lead-gen approach enough time to work (i.e. you have to try it more than twice), your work ethic is lackluster or the “winning” technique inadvertently is “missing” a few of the critical steps (hopefully that was not purposeful but there can be stiff competition in sales!). But if those are not your qualms, then check and see if you are working against how you are wired to sell.

Have you ever seen a toddler try to place a square peg into a round hole? The toddler persists to the point of frustration (i.e. a temper tantrum) and then may move on to another toy, never to again return to the peg and hole. Or, the toddler may force the peg to fit, not realizing that the toy may become inoperable (because there’s an object now stuck in the hole). Unfortunately, I have seen agents do the same with lead-gen: They either force it to fit but it just does not work properly from there on out or they walk away from it never to return, with both scenarios ending in nerve-wracking, career-altering, confidence-shaking frustration.

Understanding your behavioral personality (I like using DISC for this, but there are others) and the lead-gen actions that support your natural inclinations can be like finding the square hole in which to place the square peg.

Do you think you are currently a real estate misfit or match? 

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Here's What To Do

 For example, if you are the steady type (meaning you are introverted but someone who is very dependable and oriented towards people instead of tasks), you are doing a disservice to your business if you are cold-calling, which is more appropriate for those with dominant or influencer as their prominent traits. Instead, the steady type should look to cultivate 1-on-1 relationships with SOI, social media networks, past clients, vendors and even other agents (who can refer business in times of illness, bereavement, travel, holiday, you name it).

Those with the dominant trait, who are extroverted and task-driven, should focus on lead-gen that allows them to track, quantify and share results (i.e. cold calling, door-knocking, online ads, buying leads like with SmartZip, sharing monthly market updates through social media, mailings or email campaigns, etc.).

Influencers, like our beloved Chatty Cathys that are extroverted and people-focused, should seek lead-gen activities that allow them to socialize such as vlogging about their community, having open houses, hosting community fair booths (like Are You Ready to Sell?, How Much House Can You Afford?, etc.), throwing client appreciation parties and so forth.

Those that are known as the conscientious (who are introverted and task-driven, meaning they can get the job done well but are put-off by crowds) would best serve their time by focusing on written marketing endeavors such as blogging, mailing postcards, writing buying and selling guides that can be searched for online or mailed, and so forth.

Tip: Keep in mind that many of us exhibit all four of the DISC personality traits, but the key is to focus on the lead-gen activities that mesh with your most prevalent characteristic. No matter your most pronounced DISC profile, be sure to always ASK for business. Also, as your business grows, add staff and team members that have different strengths/personality profiles than you to maximize the amount of lead-gen your growing team can accomplish.

Also, check out our upcoming webinar series that will discuss this further. And in the coming months, be on the look out for our scientific study and white paper that will speak more in depth to this correlation between sales success and lead-gen activities that complement one’s behavioral profile.

By the way, follow me on Google Plus and Facebook for more tips and techniques. Here’s to your success!

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