Is Your Real Estate "Agent" a Fraud?

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Professional website? Check. Realty firm business cards? Check. Access to the home you are interested in? Check. Those are typically the signs that you are working with a credible real estate agent, right? Not necessarily!

Unfortunately, this South Carolina story is not the first incident of someone falsely posing as a lawful real estate agent but hopefully with the help of this article, it will be the last.

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Take this one-question quiz to see how savvy you are in your home search.

If you are looking for a new space to call home and see an advertisement for a great home, do you: 
  • A. Call the number on the ad and arrange to meet the person as soon as your schedule permits. 
  • B. Call the number on the ad and offer to send a deposit to reserve the home sight-unseen. 
  • C. Call the number on the ad and verify that person is a legal owner or representative of the home. 
  • D. I would like to start doing C but I typically do A or B. 

What did you select? Since you do not have to turn in your answers (stop having flashbacks to those gruesome school exams), be honest with yourself because being self-aware just may save you from a precarious, unwanted situation the next time you are looking to move.

The correct answer is C. I am sure this answer seems obvious in the line-up given but realistically how do you make sure the housing advertisement you are seeing is not a scam? Well, here are two easy steps.

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