The #1 Free Tool To Master Hashtags in Your Real Estate Biz

Hashtag this, hashtag that.  What's all the mumbo jumbo about using the dial, number or pound sign (pick your term based on your point of reference for using this funky little, tic-tac-toe wannabe symbol, #, as agent Alan May reminded me ) before some real estate or business relevant term?  Well, here is the quick and clean reason to use it, particularly if you are a real estate agent looking to grow your business using social media... it helps drive more FREE traffic to your posts.  Thus, making the use of this number sign one of the most pivotal to increase your fan-base and followers.  And if you are using social media (no matter your weapon of choice from Facebook, to Google+ to Twitter) in the hopes of generating eyeballs that lead to raving fans and paying clients (both of home buyers and home sellers), hashtags have become the new norm.

Okay, okay, Lee... hashtags are the new norm... check.  But how do I know what hashtags will be effective in my real estate business?  Ah, that literally may be the million dollar question for your business and sales growth.

Here's what I want you to try for just one week:

  • Visit RiteTag (a free tool for those of us that may not know techie/geek-speak to learn why and how specific hashtags work),
Screenshot of RiteTag search of real estate agent

  • Search for hashtag terms (in other words keywords and topics relevant to your business such as #TopRealEstateAgent, #ArkansasAgent, #HomesInNYC, etc.), 
Screenshot of hashtags on RiteTag

  • Bookmark/save the ones that are labeled as good or great (RiteTag grades the effectiveness of the tags for you)

Screenshot of sites that work with RiteTag
  • And then use two (no more than three) of those hashtags in every social media post you make.  

After the week is over, use a social media metric tracking site like SumAll to determine if you experienced an increase in eyeballs to your social media sites and engagement (if you don't know how helpful SumAll is, check out this previous post).  If so, then you have a win!

Screenshot of SumAll

If you find RiteTag to be helpful, I encourage you to install their Chrome extension so that you can instantly see your hashtag strength whenever you tweet (if Twitter is one of your weapons of choice).

Follow me on Google+ and Facebook for more tips and techniques. Also, if you are a real estate agent or manage agents, learn how to GROW or RE|VAMP your business with us today.  Here's to your success! 
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