Buying a Home? 10 Questions To Avoid A Don't Ask, Don't Tell Stalemate

With the start of the New Year, you may have made it your resolution to purchase a home, whether it is your first time or fiftieth time. Congratulations! Yet, buying a house (particularly in today's market) may not seem like an easy task, especially when dealing with a completely unknown seller. It is often a difficult task to trust a completely unknown seller (and sometimes a familiar seller - like a shady uncle ugh) as you have so many questions that you want answers to. The key is to ask away!

Buying a home is, for many, a substantial purchase and investment so timidity should be thrown out the door. We have a compiled a list of 10 very common yet important questions that every buyer should ask when purchasing a home. Have a look at them.
If you are a seller you can be fairly sure that these questions might come up from would-be buyers, inquisitively expecting answers. However, if you are a buyer make sure to ask these questions to your Agent+ (what we like to call a top-notch, diligent real estate agent) who can work feverishly on your behalf to find out from potential sellers these answers so that there is minimal confusion in the future.

Why are you selling the house?

This is the most common question that every seller should be able to answer. Every buyer is curious as to why you want to sell the house. If you want to sell in this market make sure to be ready to answer the question honestly.

What can you tell us about the neighborhood?

Buyers are often concerned about the kind of neighborhood they will be moving into since this will be where their personal time with their loved ones (from friends to parents to children and the like) is most likely spent.

What is the history of the house?

It is the buyer’s right to know each and every detail about a potential house purchase and a seller must be sure to provide the buyer with the pertinents. This typically can and should be referenced in the Seller's Property Disclosure form completed by sellers for potential buyers to review.

Was there anything that surprised you when you first moved in?

A buyer is always curious to know what will happen next once they move in. Whether it is surprising in a good or bad way, a buyer is always interested to know. So tell them your experience of moving in irrespective of what they were.

Is there anything that needs replacement or repair?

The seller should always let the buyer know before they even ask if there is anything in the house that would need replacement or repair. This way the buyer will be able to trust you and your chances of selling will increase. As mentioned earlier, this can be referenced on the Seller's Property Disclosure form.

Where to go?

If you are a buyer moving into a very busy, bustling neighborhood it can take a lot of time for you to figure things out and find the best places. Therefore, it is usually a good idea to ask your seller their recommendations on local hot spots before you move in.

How long have you been living here?

This can help any would-be buyer gauge even further why a seller is leaving a home, which may uncover more than meets the eye in their response from your first question.

Have you had any work done on the property recently?

Sellers, any maintenance done on your home is a vital selling point so share this answer loud and proud, and do not forget to include this on that trusty Seller's Property Disclosure form.

What fixtures and fittings are included in the sale?

Nothing can make a deal go sour faster than a buyer expecting items in a home to stay with the home when in actuality the seller plans to keep them. This can include things such as that sparkling crystal chandelier to the antique handles on the kitchen cabinets. As a buyer, if you receive the Seller's Property Disclosure form and certain fixtures and fittings are not specifically listed, you should not assume they were forgotten but are still include. Go back to the negotiating table and request an amendment to include what your desire to ensure all parties are clear.

What did I forget?

As a buyer, this is the ultimate question to get past a "Don't ask, don't tell" standoff. Hopefully, the seller is willing to be open and honest to arm you with all pertinent details of your upcoming home purchase.

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