7 Steps to Raving Real Estate Fans By Delivering "Psychic Pizza"

Ding-dong.  You wonder who could be at your door because you were not expecting anyone.  You peek through the window and see your favorite pizza delivery logo wrapped on a vehicle out front.  I didn't order pizza YET, you quizzically think.  You are hungry so you excitedly yet cautiously open the door and the delivery person announces, Here's the pizza you were THINKING about ordering.  What fantastic service!  I am sure that after eating your unexpected yet delightful treat, you will hop on your phone to text, call and tweet how this pizzeria is where everyone should eat.  You just became a raving fan of "psychic pizza".

"Psychic pizza" is another one of those fancy, b-school buzz words but it really is something every real estate agent should and can strive to implement in business.  By proactively educating and meeting the needs of your client before they can ask you (i.e. "psychic pizza"), you better believe you will have clients rave about you far and wide, high and low, online and offline, which can lead to more clients and closings.

Check out this quick video tip on how to deliver "psychic pizza" to your real estate clients and create more raving fans:

We adapted these great tips from a sales strategy session hosted by Cornell University featuring John Goodman, Vice Chairman of Customer Care Measurement and Consulting and author of Customer Experience 3.0.

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