5 Referral Killers That Animals & Kids Can Inspire Us To Overcome

Did you know that... 

But why are so few sales agents asking for referrals?  

Conceivably fear (of rejection, failure, the unknown, etc.) could be crippling you and stopping you from trying...

Or it could be that your current strategy is not working...

Perhaps it's because you did not know how powerfully referrals can grow your business...

What about if your network is filled with other agents...

Maybe it's a result of you not having or knowing the right technology tools...

Don't let any of these referral hang-ups kill your referral business.  Sometimes we need to take lessons from children and even animals on how to courageously move forward and grow our businesses.

Do you need help creating your referral business strategy and want to know some of the best technology to help referrals become more relevant in your business? Then be sure to check out our upcoming NO FEE webinar on How to Get 80% of Your 2015 Business From 20% of Your Network.

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