9 Considerations BEFORE Divorcing Your Broker

Divorce. It can be costly, at the wrong time and emotionally jarring with a host of side effects. Likewise, separating from a realty brokerage can sometimes be as emotionally charged and costly as a marital divorce.

If you are considering divorcing your broker, it is of utmost importance that you assess whether you are making the right design or if you will give up more than you will be gaining in the switch.

Check out this video for a checklist of items to consider PRIOR to making a switch:

Where does your checklist leave you? Are you shipping out for "greener" pastures or are you better off then you had realized? If you determine it is better to stay, reflect on how can you supplement the deficiencies, for example through coaching services, participating more in your local REALTOR board, offering more timely feedback to your current office and the like.

Furthermore, divorce doesn't have to be final. If you exit your realty office with professional decorum, you may find that going back is the right thing and easy to do.

If you have further questions about this critical step, do not hesitate to contact us at info@AgentsAroundAtlanta.com.  Here's to your success!
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