1 Tool to Convert FSBOs to Clients

Have you ever had an exciting day, full of possibilities when an appointment with a prospective For Sale Buy Owner (FSBO) seller turned dreary quickly? You have spoken with the FSBO sellers and piqued their interest in how you can help them get their home off the market and sold.  You are invited to their abode, give your spill, flash your 100-watt smile and leave confident that this will be your listing.  But then a day goes by.  Then another.  You call a few times and finally reach the seller only to hear they will continue selling their home on their own.  What happened?

Along the way, the sellers were some how not convinced that (as wonderful as I am sure your presentation was) that the price justified your services.  You may be missing a vital tool in your listing presentation arsenal. 

Check out this short video for insight into what this tool is and how you can employ it in your sales to convert more FSBO sellers to clients:

Let me know how this tool works for you and be sure to follow me on Google+ to get more helpful tips for your real estate business.  Here's to your success!
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