The Kardashian Syndrome: How to Know if Real Estate is Right for You or if You Just Like Watching it on TV

If you have heard of the Kardashians, you may be aware of their reality TV show and the close to cult status they hold among teenagers and young woman.  Although you have heard of them, you may have never seen their reality show, you may have watched an episode or two, or it may be one of your favorite guilty pleasures to indulge in regularly - there is no judgement here :).  More importantly, the Kardashian brand represents America's fixation with reality TV.  From pseudo-housewives to those on the Jersey Shore, reality TV is a dominant part of our pop culture with very little excluded and off limits, including the careers of real estate agents.

It is easy and at times intriguing to watch real estate agents wheel and deal, buy and sell (on behalf of clients) and flip and hold real estate in the span of just 22 minutes.  It can become so fascinating that you begin to look for the nearest real estate school so that you can get your practitioner's license.  But is it really your career passion or a reality TV show fetish?

Due to the cost to acquire a real estate sales license and to forge a business in this competitive arena, you are prudent to consider if you really want to commit to this career path before investing your time and money.

One of the huge mistakes people make is that they try to force an interest on themselves. You don’t choose your passions; your passions choose you. ~ Jeff Bezos, founder of

Here's a short test to find out if entering the world of real estate sales may indeed be the right business move for you:

Do you have questions on getting started in real estate?  We can help!  Contact us at  Here's to your success!
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