Driven to Succeed: Your 4 Point Checklist for Finishing the Sales Year Strong

As schools re-open and summer winds down, it may seem time to kowtow to real estate's slower autumn and winter seasons.  Not so fast, partner!

Depending on your age, you may remember the Energizer Bunny commercials where products containing other batteries fizzled out sooner than the Energizer Bunny that kept going and going and going... long after the others had languished.  That can be you in your business despite the slower seasonal cycles that others seem to concede defeat to!

You can keep your real estate sales business from coasting through the rest of this year by energizing your business with these 4 points that I adapted from a speech given by Dr. +Gary Selden, one of the outstanding professors of the Center for Professional Selling at Kennesaw State University (where I was given the privilege to connect and share my sales experiences with the students in this fantastic degree program for sales professionals - I heart this program at KSU!):

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