Where in the World is... My Phone?!

Whether you, your children or your grands ever searched through the Where's Waldo books to find that guy in the red and white striped shirt, funny hat and trendy glasses, you probably do not have the luxury of time as a real estate professional to play those same kind of games with your cell phone.  Yet, in the real estate industry, we having roving offices, from Starbucks to a home seller's kitchen table, which may force us in to an undesired game of "hide and seek" with our phones or tablets.

To keep a lost phone or tablet from interrupting your next listing appointment, real estate closing, open house and so forth, Google has a quick way for you to locate, lock, ring or erase the data on your Android phone or mobile tablet.  You may already be aware of this or using another app that does the same but if not, save this in your bookmarks because Google's Android Device Manager can save you hours of frustration.  This is a productivity tool must-have for everyone but especially for real estate agents on the go. Sometimes I wish I could give Google a big hug for this!

Below is an infographic of the steps to using Google's Android Device Manager.  Here's to your success!

More tools to come. Check back often!

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