RUIN Your Reputation with Homebuyers in 3 Easy Steps

As a real estate sales agent, who is in business for one's self, I am sure you like me never have had the intentions of running current and prospective clients away.  But sometimes we notice clients that once seemed gong-ho cannot be reached or raised - no amount of calling, emailing, texting, FB poking, whatever will get them to give you a second glance.  Why is that?  There are things we may be doing that inadvertently ruins our business' reputation. 

 Let's review 3 commons ways to run away homebuyers that may be the trigger for your "missing-in-action" clients.  If you are not one to represent homebuyers, we have you covered because in a later post, we will review the top 3 taboos in working with home sellers.

The 3 Easy Steps to RUIN Your Reputation with Homebuyers Are:

  • Getting potential homebuyers excited about homes they aren't qualified to buy.  This includes showing a prospective homebuyer homes that are too expensive or not pre-qualifying the homebuyer BEFORE stepping into any home.  A buyer that has not been properly prequalified may need to save more, improve his credit score, work at his job longer, fix his debt-to-income ratio, and so forth.  Showing homebuyers homes that are can't qualify is truly a disservice to the buyers and will lead to frustrated clients that opt to work with another agent instead of you.  

  • Not preparing homebuyers for the buying process. Things have changed in the last few years so just because the buyer bought a home in 2004, he nor you should assume he understands the process today. Educate your clients on all of the intricacies of the process by creating a guide for all of your homebuyers that includes steps and answers to FAQs on purchasing real estate.  This way you can ensure all pertinent details are covered consistently and the homebuyer can review it at his leisure if he does not want you to walk through the handout with him. 

  • Not doing what you said you would do.  This is a biggie! Lack of integrity and reliability will leave you clientless. For many homebuyers, the buying process can be filled with anxiety so don't add to it by not being dependable.  Things may happen beyond your control but when things are in your control, be sure to do what you say you will do or limit what you say!  In many instances it is best to under-talk and under-promise and then, "Wow!" you clients by exceeding what you did say.

Maybe these have not been the triggers for your AWOL homebuyers, but regardless it's time to ask yourself the hard question:  How could I have improved my interactions with those homebuyers?  This is your business so this is a question worth reflecting on to succeed.  After reflecting, if you have a clear conscious because you are running your business well, then keep doing what you are doing - sometimes people really are just fickle.  But if you see room for improvement, make the adjustment and you will make ruining your business a thing of the past!

Do you have questions on how you can evaluate your business and strengthen your client relationships?  Email or call 404.444.5777 for help!
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