Build Lifelong Client Relationships - Exclusive with Jackie Malcom

 Have you ever used for your tagline, Your REALTOR® For Life! or seen others use that statement?  I have and I loved it.  I would think, What a great way to affirm your quest for a lifelong client relationship... until I started to notice that it did not invoke the same sentiment in the actual clients of various agents - yikes.

Most real estate agents that have been in the business for awhile recognize that branding slogans are great but if they deviate from and inaccurately reflect who the agent is, they can have a limited (perhaps even non-existent) impact on the growth of one's business.  However, if you are a rookie, you may have yet to understand this but let us save you from the school of hard knocks - learn this type of costly lesson from others and skip the firsthand, war-story account!

Enter Jackie Malcom of the Jordon Wheeler Group.  Jackie is an outstanding metro Atlanta real estate agent with a passion for helping real estate buyers (from all ends of the financial spectrum) hunt for their special real estate treasure.  That is because she heartfeltly believes everyone deserves a nice place to live and encourages buyers (especially those that are seasoned in the home-buying process) to reach for higher goals.

Jackie's sincerity many times translates in to her clients taking a liking to her like she is their long-lost family member.  It is truly a remarkable thing to see Jackie seamlessly cultivate clients into friends all the while expertly managing their real estate transaction.  Just yesterday a lender commented to me how much he and his clients LOVE working with Jackie because she is a firecracker, who's about business but does so in a palatable manner.   How does she do it?

Here are Jackie's relationship nuggets to help rookie real estate agents along the road to Success (I hope you will make mental notes!):

  • When you meet new clients, you are starting new relationships and in any good relationship you have to be open, honest and care about the person MORE than what you can gain from him.  
  • Make a verbal commitment to your clients and yourself  to do all that is in your power, to always give them the truth and to look out for their interests (have this conversation Day One!). But it is important to also acknowledge that after all of that, the decision is their responsibility to make.
  • Get in there and really learn the market AND your clients.  Listen to them and learn them.  Get to know them by spending time with them and endeavor to see them as friends.
  • Build the right team (of vendors and resources) for each client because each client may need something a little different.  You learn this as you spend more time with them and do your fact-finding.  Most people do not like one size fits all.  Many of us would rather have things personalized and real estate transactions are no exception!
  • This bears repeating: Don’t focus on making a sale but focus on being the answer for your clients' real estate needs.  This can mean helping them work through financial issues, exploring what options are available, etc. If they are properly positioned, the sale will come!
  • Set clients on the path to their next transaction by helping them become real estate savvy and educated during the current process.

Are you in the Atlanta area and want to work with an agent like Jackie?  Then do not settle for anything but the real McCoy!  Reach out to Jackie directly at  404-735-8943 or and experience for yourself how remarkable the home-buying experience can be with her as your real estate advisor and friend!

Happy buying and selling!

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