All in the Family: Building a Multi-Generational Real Estate Business Exclusive with the Shapiro Group

As you build your real estate business, have you thought about your legacy and who can oversee the helm as you expand and eventually retire (even if that is many years away)?  Family can be a great resource to help you take your business to the next level by helping you stay current with the latest gadgets, gizmos, and trends.  Simultaneously, being in business together can lead to greater camaraderie and influence over the business ethics of younger generations that are new to the ways of the business world.

At RE/MAX Around Atlanta, David Shapiro has joined the thriving business of his father, Jon Shapiro, at the Jon Shapiro Group. David is spearheading new business development while Jon continues to cultivate the relationships he has garnered in over twenty years in the real estate industry.

Watch this video to see how David and Jon team up to build a lasting legacy:

Do you, or someone you know, have a great success story as a real estate agent?  We would love to share it!  Happy selling!
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