Why Real Estate Teams Work, Part 1: Exclusive Interview with JOHN HAWN

As a current real estate agent, or if you are contemplating an exciting career in real estate, you may have heard some discouraging rants about being a part of a real estate team.  Well, today's post will debunk some of the over-generalizations and highlight the benefits of pooling your resources with the right real estate team.

John Hawn is a Lead-Converting Machine at RE/MAX Around Atlanta!  Whether in North Fulton, GA or Cobb County, GA John has the persistence, follow-up, and easy-going personality to convert the lead in to a friend and client for life.  Kyle H. of John's Creek, GA exudes this sentiment in his testimonial: "Our buyer's agent John Hawn with Atlanta Home Advisors made our experience so simple and fun that my wife and I are currently searching for foreclosures in the area to potentially purchase as our next big project/investment."

John attributes his success to working on a (cue scary music)... TEAM (gasp!).  Teams that have the right dynamic really can help more than just the team leader.  John is a prime example of this synergy, being one of five members of Atlanta Home Advisors team headed up by top-selling agent Tom LeCain (who will give his spin in a post later this month).  It is critical when evaluating if you want to join a team to hear from not just the team leader but the agents that are members of the team.

Watch John share candidly his keys to being successful on a team and converting leads.  See if a real estate team may be the right career move for you!

Do you, or someone you know, have a great success story as a real estate agent?  We would love to share it!  Happy selling!
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