Conquer Real Estate Sales WITHOUT Being Salesy Exclusive Interview with Pam Gebhardt

As a consumer of goods, you may instantly be turned off by salespeople that lunge at you the moment you walk into their store and then seemingly leech on to you until you either make a purchase or run in stark terror from the store.  Such antics are colloquially termed "salesy" and carry a negative connotation that can adversely affect a business and the referrals received.  Likewise, in real estate, this approach can many times repel prospective clients, whether buying or selling.  What is a real estate salesperson to do?

Pam Gebhardt of RE/MAX Around Atlanta (who holds the prestigious Certified Residential Specialist Designation, which is considered "the Master's Degree of Real Estate") shares her secrets to being successful in real estate sales without using overly aggressive and incessant sales tactics that can annoy potential clients.  What are her best practices?  Click the short video below to find out!

Do you, or someone you know, have a great success story as a real estate agent?  We would love to share it!  Happy selling!

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