The ONE TOOL to Generate 50%+ of Your Business And Other Tips: Exclusive with JANET SUTHERLAND DEKOM

There may be no "magic bullet" to having a successful business but there is a unique tool that can revolutionize the number of real estate closings you have as an agent.  Janet Sutherland Dekom is a RE/MAX Around Atlanta agent that uses this powerful tool.  She has experienced consistently 50% of her closings originating from this tool year after year whether during a recession or a boom.  Intrigued?

Whether you are interested in learning how to become a real estate agent or desire to increase your existing business, Janet succinctly discusses vital strategies to help you.  In the linked video, Janet shares:
  • Why real estate is an easy transition for current business owners
  • What tools can help you generate over 50% of your real estate clients
  • How to help clients in an unpredictable market
  • And more!

Do you, or someone you know, have a great success story as a real estate agent?  We would love to share it!  Email for details.  Happy selling!
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