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Whether you are a real estate agent, a buyer purchasing a home or a seller listing your property, there is a FREE mobile phone and tablet app that can save you time, gas and ultimately money.  This may sound too good to be true - an app that can help every party in a real estate transaction for free - but it is real.  What is this marvelous app?


This app will save your seller who is still using that outdated fax machine that has all those squiggly lines through it - you know the one you can never read the documents clearly from?  Simultaneously, CamScanner will save your buyer from having to run up to your real estate office or to their work scanner to send documents in those last-minute, late-night instances you are required to have the wet signature and not an e-signature.   Moreover, you are able to save your schedule on occasions when you are on-the-go but have less than an hour that you need to send the document you are holding in your hand to the closing attorney, lender, REO bank, title company, and any other urgent requester at a moment's notice.  Instead of all of these parties trekking across town to a scanner or fax machine that may be at home, work or FEDEX or these parties staying tethered to a portable scanner, one can easily just whip out her cell phone, open the CamScanner app, scan the document in hand to a PDF, and email (or even fax if you have that app on your mobile phone - that will be another post :-) ) all within a minute to the demanding party.

CamScanner offers a free app for Android or Apple users, which is great if you only need it in the rare, last-minute emergencies that inevitable occur in the process of submitting, reviewing and accepting real estate offers or even preparing for the property closing.  Also, CamScanner offers a premium subscription for a nominal monthly price that will remove advertisements, produce a higher quality scan, remove watermarks, and give up to 2G storage if you find this app a staple in your green/paperless office.

This mobile app has been so great for many of my clients that they have nixed both their home fax and scanner so definitely give CamScanner a try before you make the next mad-dash to scan or fax.

Do you have other questions about how this app can help?  Email Info@AgentsAroundAtlanta.com.  Happy selling!

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