How to Become the Agent of Choice in Your Community: Exclusive with COLLETTE MCDONALD

If you are a fan or even just a casual viewer of HGTV, you are probably familiar with HGTV's on-air real estate expert Collette McDonald of RE/MAX Around Atlanta.  With a lifetime of experience lived vicariously through her father as a successful real estate agent and over a decade of personally being one of Georgia's top real estate agents, Collette has a wealth of knowledge to help you as a new or experienced agent become the agent of choice for your community.

Watch our exclusive interview and learn Collette's tips to:

  1. Successfully migrate from Corporate America to Real Estate entrepreneurship
  2. Stand out as the Real Estate Leader in your community
  3. Create an effective Marketing Strategy 
  4. Select a Brokerage Firm
  5. Grow through Personal Coaching 
And More! 

Do you, or someone you know, have a great success story as a real estate agent?  We would love to share it!  Email for details.  Happy selling!

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