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Calling all REALTORS(R)!  Have you set up your free profile yet on  As a real estate agent, this can help you generate free real estate leads because any time a person visits (which is still in the top 10 of home search sites), your completed profile can gain you business.  Here are three main ways how you can increase your buyer and seller leads with a completed profile.

Visit this site to see all of the FREE tools offers you including sending recommendations to your satisfied clients that will not only be posted on but you can send to Facebook, LinkedIn and other sites.  

Even if you do not have someone that has the time to submit a recommendation, you can showcase your knowledge under the Advice Tab based on the questions posted by consumers.  The more you post, the more of an expert you appear to consumers and the more business you will garner.  

Are you on Facebook?  If so, the HyerSocial(tm) Agent Search will allow any of your Facebook friends or their Facebook friends that login to with their Facekbook login to see your agent profile!  You may become their agent of choice all because you completed your profile without actually asking them for referrals (although you should do this too)!

Login to and "beef up" your profile, connect your Facebook account, add recommendations and posts to the advice tab some time this week!  Have more questions on how to increase your leads for FREE?  Email  Happy selling!
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